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Below are 11 traditional lullabies, none composed by me but arranged and performed by me on unaccompanied violin. They were created in early 2000 for an actress friend of mine in Los Angeles. She had a dear friend who was going through a difficult pregnancy and I thought listening to soothing lullabies might aid her in sleeping.

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The copyrights for all of this music are owned totally by Richard Sortomme. Each cue is available to be licensed by filmmakers: producers, directors or music supervisors.

If interested in acquiring a license for one, or all, of these works, please fill out the contact form below. In the dropdown menu select, “Request a Master & Sync License” then tick the box for “Feature Film, DocFilm, TV Sync & Master Use License,” and click, “submit.”

Please check your email, junk/spam folder included. A copy of the license will be in your email box along with detailed instructions on how to submit the form properly BEFORE use.

All steps IN the license contract must be followed. Once everything is done a link will be provided for payment and once made use will be officially granted.