“The Keeper of The Beasts” TRACK ONLY


While this FILM CUE and SONG can be licensed individually it might be interesting to note that they were both devised and composed for a DRAMATIC film project. Thus, when they are both licensed they can provide the material for one film.

About This Composition

Cue Information:

Composer: Richard Sortomme (ASCAP) 50%
Composer: Sandy Wilbur (ASCAP) 50%
Publisher: MEEMROCK Music Publishing (ASCAP) 50%
Publisher: Sandy Wilbur Music Inc. (ASCAP) 50%

GENRE: Dramatic, Rock Ballad
MOOD: Bold, Dramatic, Emotional
FILM PROJECT: Dramatic Film Project
INSTRUMENT: Orchestral, Guitars
TEMPO: Medium

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This TRACK ONLY allows the licensee to record an entirely new lyric for this song, to fit the film in production; or re-record the original lyrics with another vocalist, male or female.

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