Piano Prelude #1

Time: 05:21

About This Composition

Program Notes:

This first piano Prelude was inspired by a relatively unknown short story, The Mark, by Claudia Alberdi. Very metaphysical at its core it deals with past lives, past loves and a highly charged emotional love affair in the present. In begins and ends with a prominent tritone interval, followed by extended trills, signaling a remembrance of the past. As it develops it grows into a rhapsodic and wild statement describing a love affair in the presents. It diminishes into a to reflective and gentle statement of that theme before returning to the past with an almost unresolved statement. Let me say here that the amazingly talented pianist, David Oei-a lifelong friend from Juilliard days- learned this work in 3 days before going into the recording studio. It is a stunning display of his gorgeous tone, sensitivity and brilliant technique. Bravo David!

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