DUO for String Orchestra (synthetic realization)


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About This Composition

Program Notes:

This work is a newly orchestrated version of DUO for Two Celli, which I completed in 2017. I was extremely pleased with the DUO for Two Celli and feel that I captured the feeling, colors and virtuosity that I had set out to accomplish. As I was finishing it thoughts started creeping into my mind about different expressions, different colors and effects that I could utilize if this work were for a larger palette. I have written so much for symphony orchestra since 2004 that I decided on a string orchestra for my ensemble.

I kept the exact architecture of the original DUO and about 85% of the harmonic structure. The few places that are different are really not different: they are expansions of the harmonies from the original. Obviously, except for 3 and 4 part broken chords in the cello, two celli can only sustain 4 notes at a time. As I wrote legato sections for the two celli original it was almost as if the more complex harmonies I was going for were “imagined”.

In DUO for Two Celli I utilized almost every acoustic effect from the celli that I could: pizzicato, tremolo, harmonics, col legno, long glissandi, left hand pizzicato and ponticello. In DUO for String Orchestra I also used all of these acoustic effects, except in all of the instruments. In the case of the double bass I had to refrain from using some harmonics, but that was all. It was a very exciting process orchestrating for string orchestra because not only could I expand the entire registers-low to high-but I could also write thicker textures and denser harmonies. Seeing as this work has not been performed yet the synthetic realization that I made does stay remarkably true to my artistic goals.

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