Cadenza to Mozart Concerto #4 for French horn, for solo French horn, two French horns and viola

Philip Myers, French horn, the New York Philharmonic conducted by Roberto Minczuk


About This Composition

Program Notes:

When Phil Myers asked me to compose a cadenza for his Mozart French Horn concerto performances my joy lead me immediately to the most important question of the commission: in what style and which tonal world should this cadenza live? Let me say that Phil knows my compositions well and he gave me total freedom to compose in the style that is true to myself. So the task began, firstly by weaving into and then out of Mozart’s musical world. (I tried NOT to dwell inordinately long on that humbling thought). I suggested adding instruments to create a mini Sinfonia Concertante interjection. I mentioned viola. Phil suggested 2 French horns. Next it was on to thematic material. I focused on fragments from the first movement. Phil said he had always thought of introducing small and possibly veiled quotes from the 2nd and 3rd movements. Done. We had our instrumental palette and a plan. What you will be hearing incorporates all that I have just brought up, and a bit more.

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