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Time 3:49

“Having heard the work in its original chamber version on DVD, I was unprepared for its power as an orchestral work. Mr. Sortomme displayed real mastery of the orchestra in terms of color and variety…”

— Theodore Wiprud, Director of Education, the New York Philharmonic

About This Composition

If a presenter wishes to hear the entire work please email me that request and I will send you a link to privately hear the entire work. The link expires in 72 hours.

Program Notes:

In 2003 I had composed a 42 minute work based on the Aesop fable Androcles and the Lion, for 11 instruments, narrator and 3 actors in Chinese theater. Later that year the New York Philharmonic commissioned me to compose a full orchestral version of it to be the entire offering of a Young People’s Concert in Dec. of 2004. This commission was an enthralling adventure, allowing me to turn an 11-instrument chamber work into a full-scale symphonic orchestration.


This composition presents a unique opportunity for the presenter of a symphony orchestra or wind symphony to collaborate with the composer to design an entirely new production for the concert hall. The copyright for the music is owned by the composer and is available for performance. The composer will work with a presenter to select an author to create a new story, based upon Aesop’s fable or utilizing fresh material, for presentation by a narrator with or without a more elaborate production.

NOTE: The audio recording above is included ONLY to showcase the music and is unavailable for any commercial or non-commercial use. The story and narration included on the recording are owned by the author and both are unavailable for performance.

Track Information:
Commissioned by: New York Philharmonic YEAR: 2004

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(Score Placement: begin at # 14 measure 17)